What if we allowed her this grace?

For our Mother, the Earth on Earth Day

What if we allowed her this grace?

What if we simply took her hand, bowed our heads to her four and a half billion years, took her hand in ours and walked beside her?

woman with pipeWe could not carry her, she wouldn’t stand for that, no.

She would walk on, with crumbling bones, as far as she could travel.

She is proud.

The lines now carved into her face and her hands are billions of miles of traffic, trucks and city, spitting fuel and dust in their wake.

They have become her own now, marking her.

Still she walks.

Once she was a girl with a laugh like the sound of water.

Her feet ran fast after dreams and pups and the setting sun.

girl with pup









When she was young and the load was lighter, her back was strong.  She wrapped us in her self, bearing the weight of us all on her back. She would go the distance. She would not fail us.

strong mother



But what if, today, we stopped asking whether or not her trembling, the fevered heat that overcomes her sometimes, the shudder between her vertebrae was ‘natural’, was not all just part of her cycle?

Surely there’s more in her, she’s a tough old bird, we insist.

Walk on, we call out from the wrap on her back, there’s more in you yet, we know it.

Walk on.


grandmother with young girlWhat if, instead, we looked her in the eye and blessed her?

What if we got down from her back, took her hand in ours and we walked the road together?