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Walking together

I like to believe, in an optimistic kind of way, that I’ve got a busy life ahead of me until I’m ninety years of age! After that I’ll start to slow down a bit, but in the meantime, the world is a wonderful place to be and I’ve hit the half-way mark this week. It means I’ve been preparing for this next half for forty-five years. Wow, I thought, that’s an enormous investment of time.

My son and I on our way up to Berg Lake.

My son and I on our way up to Berg Lake.

So this is an opportune time to begin to make notes here, along the way, to share this journey with others who are also walking. In this photo my son and I are on our way up to Berg Lake at Mount Robson. I’d been along this trail many times, years before, but it was the first time with my son. There’s something wonderful about charting a course and setting out together, whether it’s a new path or one you’ve walked before. I’m hopeful this blog – a space for the words we share, reflections about where we’re going and what we’ve learned – will capture those moments as we walk. We can travel together this way, even though we might be on different journeys. And when you can, I hope you’ll share your journey with me – in the comment section below.

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