On Holy Ground at Sea Fair

When something is ‘sacred’ it means it is somehow connected to God. As if – without our even being aware – the mystery of the Divine has stopped right there, right in the midst of our ordinary Starbucks-texting-cell-phone-driven-appointment-crazy lives. It is, I think, a little like a butterfly landing on your shoulder, not impossible but pretty amazing when it happens. And when it does, you stop – stop everything – because in that moment there is nothing else that butterfly on shouldermatters. You hold still, hold your breath, study it’s tiny movements, wishing it to stay for just a moment more. You can see every tiny marking, every painted bright stripe, every lacy edged pattern on those beautiful wings, as if someone had used a tiny brush with the skill of a master painter. And you marvel at this moment, why you? Why now? And then just like that, it’s lifts itself into the sky with the tiniest flutter and it’s gone.

On the weekend, Powell River’s local Sea Fair Festival held on beautiful Willingdon Beach, gave us a chance to take part with a booth set up for my new book, Fireflies. Because so many people had been asking where they could buy it (other than through Amazon) we thought Sea Fair seemed like a great place to connect. And it was.At Sea Fair

But what I had not expected were the people who came – after reading Fireflies or reading about it in the local paper – to share their own stories of healing, loss, and loved ones who struggle. I had not expected that my weekend would allow me incredible moments to look up into the eyes of someone I’d only just met and experience something sacred. With trembling voices and courageous hearts, lovely people came to talk, to reach bravely across universe of our busy lives and grasp my hand, a stranger they’d never met, to say, “Let me stop and tell you my story.” And it happened just like that, on Willingdon Beach, brave butterflies softly landing on my shoulder for just a moment, the sacred passing by, the mystery of the Divine in their eyes. I took off my shoes. Not because it was a beach on a sunny summer day, but because there I stood, butterflies landing gently on my shoulder, on holy ground. I am thankful.

Fireflies: Finding Light in a Dark World, by Heather Gordon-Young is available through your local bookstore or on-line at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. View the book trailer at: www.heathergordon-young.com.

1 thought on “On Holy Ground at Sea Fair

  1. Michelle Beaulieu

    A beautiful post Heather and it illustrates why this book is so important. I had the same feeling once when I asked a group of my grade 11/12 students to write about how depression (either theirs or someone else’s) had touched their lives. I felt so humbled and surprised by the way these students poured out their hearts and it made me understand the complexity of the human experience at an entirely new level. We need to tread carefully through this life to ensure that we don’t unwittingly step on and destroy the spirit of other human beings.

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